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Who we are

Believe In Your Own Magic.

Tosho Woods designs offers premium Wedding Dresses, perfect fitting bespoke, made to order and ready to weardresses to suit your special occasions.

Tosho Woods has positioned itself as one of the most successful and well-known independent fashion brands in the Nigeria, with a global following. It has become the go-to designer for special celebrations.

Tosho Woods Signature Style of timeless elegance (since 2010) has helped to revolutionize the bridal industry by introducing a modern approach to design and styling. Bespoke Bridal, Made-to-Order and Ready-to-Wear items under ROUGE by Tosho Woods are now available to shop on this platform.

our portfolio

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This gallery features an array of inspiring projects and designs by Tosho Woods. Our work feature signature products such as bespoke wedding dresses and a variety of occassion wear. Tosho Woods is renowned for high quality garments and luxury designs.